Tech and Finance, together in one

“One of those natures that the ancient fables tell of, as that of the Chimera,
many forms grown together in one.”


Chimera is a new concept of trading.
A tech agnostic platform designed to minimize the risks for users while providing the best possible service by blending the latest developments in Banking, Crypto and Decentralized trading.

Regulated Swiss financial services and cutting edge open source true DEX technologies brought together to provide the best of all worlds.
All to provide maximum flexibility and safety for your trades.

Chimera, Tech and Finance, together in one.


Direct deposits

Seamless SEPA and Swift withdrawals

Modern balance management thanks to Stablecoins

Minimized exposure to legacy banking

Simplified KYC and AML compliance


Access to over 100 digital assets

Competitive pricing and fees

Trust minimized approach

Secure multi sig setups backed by multiple hardware wallets and battle tested setups

Enterprise grade self-hosted wallet



Cutting edge DEX technologies

Truly Trustless and private trades

Non custodial open markets

Maximized synergies with crypto and banking


Chimera regulated activities are operated under the supervision of SoFit, a leading Swiss SRO compliant with the latest FINMA regulations.

Unregulated activities like decentralized trades are performed with cutting edge open source softwares and protocols validated by independent developers and testers.

Chimera for Business

Fiat Gateway

Integrate Fiat on-ramp and off-ramp in your app or website

KYC and AML are managed by Chimera

Effortless integration

By integrating Chimera B2B Fiat Gateway, you can provide additional value to your users and create a new revenue stream for your apps and websites.

API Integration

Perform any trade with our simple and intuitive API interface 

Easy to integrate with our detailed documentation (API documentation links to the API docs)

KYC and AML are managed by Chimera

Adding exchange features to your services has never been easier

Custom Widgets

Chimera can create a custom widget to seamlessly integrate into any application or website

Your own brand

Provide a fully featured web-based application

No coding involved

White label

A cutting-edge mobile application with your own branding

All features can be managed by you or by Chimera at your discretion

Supporting Fiat currencies and both centralized and decentralized markets

Support for bridging assets from/to any blockchain

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